Shipping and Handling Info

Ordering and Paying Instruction

The quote for shipping cost covers both shipping and handling.
Shipping will be done with USPS Priority Mail, UPS or FedEx which ever is the most cost effective and can handle the weight and size of the piece. The larger art piece might have to be wood created and shipped by a freight company. At the time of interest, more research will be done to find the most cost effective way to send the art piece at that time. If you are 
interested in the cost of shipping a large piece please inquire by sending your name and way to contact you by email using: 
If for any reason the art piece does not meet your expatiation, you may ship it back to me at your cost and I will refund the full price of the art piece. The cost of shipping the piece to you is not refundable.

DGabris-Artist * info@dgabris-artist.com * p: (408) 354-1977
All the pictures and text are the private property of the artist.

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