About The Artist



              I strive to add beauty to the lives of
              others by creating works of art. I feel
              art should be enjoyed  without having
              to know the thoughts of the artist.  The
              beauty of the piece should be able to 
             shine on its own forever. All my life I
             have been fascinated by many subjects 
             and by working in such different
             materials and in both two and three
             dimension, I have found different
             ways to express myself.
 It is my hope
             that people will enjoy re-discovering
             new facets of the subject in the
             individuality of each piece of art work.

In 1964 I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in sculpture from Washington University in St. Louis,
MO and with additional studies at Chautauqua, NY, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM and

San Jose State College, San Jose, CA. Starting in 1964 I displayed my art in galleries in Carmel, Pebble

Beach and San Francisco and CA for six years. From 1970 to 1982 I had a working studio/gallery

business "D Gabris Metal Sculpture" located in Old Town Shopping Center in Los Gatos, CA. After that,

I had my artwork in many shows and art galleries.

For most of my life art played a very large role by being a self employed artist as my professional career.

But since 1995 I have also started doing a lot more traveling, going to over 55 countries.  You can see in

many of my photography and now in some of my paintings some of the beautiful places I have been.

Some Commissions


"Source of the Wine," located at Mirrassou Vineyards in San Jose,CA is a brass fountain which stands 6'H and 4'W.

"Fawn," located in a private home in South Carolina, is a custom piece 27"H and made of brass sheet metal.

"The Eagle," located at American National Bank of Florida, is a free standing metal sculpture 4'H.

"Source of Life," located at Suburban Water Works in the Los Angles,  CA area, is a wall fountain that combines wood and brass with steel birds and animals.

"Peace Gate," located in a private home in Los Gatos, CA is a custom gate 6'H and 9'W.

"Tree of Knowledge," located at the King County Library System, Service Center Building, in Seattle, Washington; this is a steel wall sculpture and is 8'H and 7'W.

"Pentecost," located in the Holy Spirit Church in San Jose, CA. This 14'H by 14'W wall sculpture depicts life size figures of the 12 disciples and Holy Mary.

"Pillar of Fire" was presented as the special President's Award given by the University of Santa Clara in Santa Clara, CA.

"Phoenix Arising," located in a down town commercial building in San Jose, CA is a free standing 12'H by 4'W brass sheet metal sculpture.

A custom 19' by 5' ceiling piece was created for Emeil's, a restaurant located in San Jose, CA.

“Gate” a custom gate for a private home in Monte Sereno, CA that is in 4 sections where the 2 center sections can move for a total length of 20’ long and 8’ high.

"Anchor Bay," a watercolor painting 20" wide and 16" high, commissioned as a retirement gift.

"Claire and Colossus," a watercolor painting of a person and large sea lion 20" wide and 16" high, commissioned as a retirement gift.

Many other art works have been created and are now in businesses and private homes in the United States and abroad.

DGabris-Artist * info@dgabris-artist.com * p: (408) 354-1977
All the pictures and text on this page are the private of the artist.

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