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As you view my art, whether
it is a watercolor painting,
metal sculpture or
photograph I hope you
discover new facets about
the subjects I have por-
trayed.  While mainly
executing in a realistic 
style, I use my own
personal interpretation and

Polar Bear, a metal sculpture
The polar bear is made of steel welding rods using an acetylene and oxygen torch to weld it. 


Crashing Sea and Quite Water

This original acrylic painting is based on a photo I took in San Mateo County. I loved the play between the water and rocks. The rocks can make the water splash or calm. But in the end water wins as it wares rock away.


 Rembrant Tulips, a Photo on Canvas

A photograph is a wonderful way to capture a moment in time. The subject or scene will change, so you can’t quite photograph it the same way again. Even when you take a series of photographs at one time, they are different. This aspic of photography is what makes us try over and over again to take that perfect picture. Working digitally to enhance a photograph can be a very creative endeavor, it maybe only slight change and cropping or quite involved.

Tulips are beautiful subjects to photograph. In this photograph I had a pleasant surprise when I opened it on the computer and saw how the camera had caught the shot.   The tulips are bright and colorful with a background of black creating good negative space between them and near some of the edges.  This photograph is good for a photo on canvas with a gallery wrap, some of the tulips go on the sides with other places it is black


Orac, a metal sculpture with stain glass

The Orca is first made with steel

welding rods with more steel

welding on to give it the smooth

look. The structure that holds up

the orca and creates a place to
lead solder the stain glass is made

of steel rods also. The whole metal

sculpture was then zinc plated so

that the stain glass surround with

zinc cane could then be soldered

to the steel rods that created the


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